Reef Scapes LLC is a Wilmington, North Carolina based company that provides custom aquarium solutions for both homes and businesses.  We can do everything from weekly cleaning and maintenance to custom built, in wall, large scale reef aquariums. Contact us anytime for a free quote or estimate. These are some of the tasks we will do to keep your aquarium in pristine condition.
  • Test Water Chemistry
  • Algae Scrub Entire Aquarium
  • Vacuum Gravel
  • Replace or Exchange Artificial Decorations When Needed
  • Dosing of Chemicals and Additive
  • Clean Out Filtration System When Needed
  • Inspect Fish For Any Health Problems
We Even Have A Livestock Free Replacement Guarantee (Maintenance Customers only)

150 Gallon Custom Designed Saltwater Aquarium We Maintain

If Reef Scapes maintains your aquarium at least once every four weeks, we guarantee any livestock up to 14 days and will replace it free of charge. Call or send us a message today.  We'd love to work out an aquarium and maintenance plan that works for your needs and budget. Keeping the aquarium inhabitants, as well as our customers happy and content is our number one goal.