Wilmington Fish TanksI have three salt water aquariums which were designed and currently maintained by Reefscapes— one 70 gallon tank in each office location and one 24 gallon at home. I could not be happier. The design and layout is truly a living work of art. The scheduled maintenance program keeps the tanks in pristine condition and continues to create awe in everyone who sees them. I would recommend Reefscapes to anyone interested in salt water aquariums.Wilmington Fish Tanks -David Ennis, Esq., EnnisColeman, LLP
Wilmington Fish TanksWe tried several aquarium maintenance companies in town and none of them were as reliable and knowledgeable as Jason from Reefscapes. He turned our saltwater tank into an amazing reef. With Reefscapes you truly get the best service in town. Thank you for your dedication and hard work Jason! Wilmington Fish Tanks -Ruth Mulligan, Construction Interface Services, Inc.
Wilmington Fish TanksI was having several problems with my 125 gallon reef aquarium. I consulted with several other professionals in here in Wilmington, but no one else took my problems and concerns seriously. Jason made it a priority to to solve the problems in my tank and now it sparkles with life. He rescued over $800 worth of coral and fish that would have otherwise died. I can't thank you enough.Wilmington Fish Tanks -Scott Howard